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Auto Accidents are tragic events that no one anticipates will happen to you or your loved ones. In a single word, unpredictable.

No auto accident case is the same. Some auto accidents are minor fender benders, while others involve significant injuries, or even an untimely death of the auto accident victim. Just as every auto accident is different, so should the way your attorney handles your case. Every case should be handles taking into account every detail of the circumstances and resulting injuries from the auto accident, regardless how small or significant the injuries are.

An auto accident victim will have their day to day living altered in some way, because of the recklessness, carelessness of another. Fortunately, the law allows auto accident victims to seek justice through civil litigation against the at-fault party or parties.

Auto Accident Compensation and Damages:

Generally, you may seek compensation in an Auto Accident Injury case for injuries sustained in the accident, medical bills, physical therapy bills, lost wages from missed time from work, and potential additional putative damages for long-term or permanent diminished quality of life.

If a loss of life results from an auto accident, immediate family members may seek justice through wrongful death civil litigation.

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Call (863) 866-9917 today to schedule a confidential consultation with auto accident personal injury attorney, Markeishia L. Smith.

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