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Pedestrian injury cases can be complicated. One would think that if a vehicle hits and injures a pedestrian, it would be an open and shut case. But as with all injury cases, insurance companies are involved. Insurance companies will pull out all the stops to try and limit or absolve themselves from liability and settlement payouts.

This is why you need experienced legal counsel fighting for your rights when you are injured as a pedestrian involving a motor vehicle.

We will aggressively fight for the rights of pedestrian injury victims in an effort to hold the negligent or careless driver accountable for causing your injuries. We will make sure the insurance company treats you with the dignity and respect you deserve. We will also fight any attempt of the insurance company to delay paying out your settlement if you are successful in your case.

A pedestrian is considered anyone that is not in or operating a motor vehicle, such as a person walking, jogging, skate-boarding, rollerblading, and so on.

What types of compensation and damages may I be entitled to seek as an injured pedestrian?

  • Injuries as a direct result of the accident or incident;
  • Medical bills directly related to you or your injuries, including medical treatment, physical therapy &, rehabilitation costs, prescription costs, necessary medical equipment, and if necessary, long term or permanent treatment and care;
  • Lost Wages;
  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Permanent or long-term diminished quality of life.

If the pedestrian accident resulted in the untimely death of your loved one, immediate family members may seek justice through wrongful death civil litigation.

If you have questions regarding your Auto Accident related Pedestrian Personal Injury legal needs, make sure your legal rights are protected.

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